Setting new standards in ID verification.

We’re a world leader in the digital ID verification space.

With patent-protected solutions, a history of beating larger, global competitors to numerous tenders and a 100% record of pushing proof of concepts into live integrations.


Why ocr labs?

The most certified and compliant platform in the market

OCR Labs is equipped for the toughest standards. Our platform meets stringent privacy, security and integrity standards based on industry best practices.

our story

Proprietary technology that can adapt with your needs

Our platform was designed for digital from the start. We engineered and own ALL our technology. So when your needs change, so can our product. Our fully proprietary technology means we’re in control of product priorities and roadmaps.

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A long experience of working with very well known brands

Our technology is proven and reliable – and in use at the highest levels in some of the biggest banks and telecommunication companies as well as fast-growing fintechs and other digital natives.

We offer comprehensive coverage of over 13,000 documents in over 230 countries and territories… and growing


Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Less face-to-face onboarding

No need for expensive and resource-heavy face-to-face onboarding

Fewer fraud write-offs

Fraud costs are rising and we can help you save millions of dollars in write-off costs.

No manual intervention and checks

Full automation means less staff time and less oversight.

Fewer unsuccessful customer applications

A fast, conclusive ID verification increases the chance of customer conversion.

Take back time

Take back time

Dev time

Easy to integrate, easy to update.

Waiting time

Speed up the sales process for you – and your customer.

Customer support time

Fewer errors, fewer manual checks.

Staff time

Let your staff focus on customers not ID checks.

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