Ongoing authentication keeps your user's accounts secure

And makes account recovery a breeze by matching their face to their initial verification documentation.

Secure user reauthentication, at scale

Secure user reauthentication, at scale

Safety and securely reauthenticate any user by linking their face to their identity document with advanced image analysis and deep learning technology which is built to stay ahead of fraudsters.

Fast and easy account recovery

Fast and easy account recovery

Make password recovery seamless and reduce operational costs while preventing unauthorised user access and account takeovers.

Secure biometric reauthentication

Like Apple’s live photo, OCR Labs captures the moments around the photo being taken and analyses it for liveness. We use technology including depth perception, miniscule movements from heartbeat, analysing light refraction from the face and background objects to determine liveness without trading the friction of a video challenge for the lower security selfie.

Secure account recovery

Drive a consistent user experience by getting rid of less secure knowledge based authentication methods, and replacing them with biometric authentication.

Our Technologies

Our complete suite of technologies allow you to securely onboard your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone.

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Our technologies

Document Verification

Verify a user's identity document and safely onboard them, from anywhere in the world. We use deep learning rather than templates to verify almost any identity document.

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Trust & Security

Trusted by governments and global businesses alike, OCR Labs is built from the ground-up with our own proprietary tech with security and user experience at the core of every design decision. Read more about how we keep your data secure.

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