Document Verification

Verify a user's identity document and safely onboard them, from anywhere in the world.

Open access for all, anywhere, anytime

Open access for all, anywhere, anytime

Verify every genuine user, anywhere, no matter their identity document or camera phone

Enter new markets & geographies

Enter new markets & geographies

Expand into new markets with a single supplier and a single integration, whilst continuing to meet your compliance obligations.

Only let in approved users

Only let in approved users

Restrict certain user subsets from age restricted items, engaging in risky behaviour, creating multiple accounts, or unauthorised account takeover

Secure user onboarding, at scale

Secure user onboarding, at scale

Securely grow your business without the risk of fraudsters driving losses, reputational damage or raising regulatory scrutiny.

Contextual data extraction

Most IDV companies use a document template to check a user’s identity document against. We take a different approach. Our context engine uses deep learning to extract data from a user’s identity document and then determines the meaning of that data. This means OCR Labs can verify almost every identity document on the planet, even if we’ve never seen it before.

Image utilisation in extreme scenarios

When a user takes a photo of their identity document, we normalise that image to account for variability with lighting levels and lower quality cameras. We use deep learning to verify each document against a user’s live photo, which means we can verify almost anyone, no matter their age, race or camera phone.

Intelligent conditional logic

Create custom user onboarding workflows based on your market's regulatory requirements. We’ll extract content from a user’s identity document (such as country or document type) and automatically adjust your workflow

NFC validation

We combine optical and electronic document verification for even more security. We can verify the NFC chip on a user’s identity document, and check for interference, as well as pulling the data from that chip and validating it against optical data on the identity document.

Community fraud hub

A user's biometrics and identity document are automatically extracted, encrypted, and run against your own blacklist or a community database for anomalies or previous fraudulent onboarding attempts. Your customer’s identity document and live photo can also be used to train our deep learning algorithms.

Our Technologies

Our complete suite of technologies allow you to securely verify your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone

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Our technologies

Data Verification

Extract and verify information from an identity document against local government & credit bureau databases - all in real-time. We connect to local databases so you can meet your compliance obligations with a single integration.

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Trust & Security

Trusted by governments and global businesses alike, OCR Labs is built from the ground-up with our own proprietary tech with security and user experience at the core of every design decision. Read more about how we keep your data secure.

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