Biometric Verification

Verify any user by linking their face to their identity document.

We use advanced image analysis and deep learning technology to accelerate good users and stay ahead of fraudsters.

Make dropoff a thing of the past

Make dropoff a thing of the past

Reduce user dropoff with a seamless workflow while maintaining security during verification

Secure user onboarding, at scale

Secure user onboarding, at scale

Secure your user onboarding by ensuring that fraudsters are not stealing, forcing or manipulating unassuming victims identity

Open access for all, anywhere, anytime

Open access for all, anywhere, anytime

Verify every genuine user, anywhere, no matter their identity document, smartphone model or nationality

Stay ahead of fraud trends

Stay ahead of fraud trends

Securely grow your business and stay ahead of fraud trends with technology built to learn in real-time

Live photo examination

Like Apple’s live photo, OCR Labs captures the feed around the photo being taken and analyses it for liveness. We use technology including depth perception, miniscule movements from heartbeat, analysing light refraction from the face and background objects to determine liveness giving you the security of a video challenge but the convenience of a live photo.

Intention context analysis

Before, during and after checking a user’s biometric verification, we’ll determine the context of any faces shown and a user’s surroundings to ensure only genuine users are securely onboarded.

Image utilisation in extreme scenarios

When a user takes a photo of their identity document, we normalise that image to account for variability with lighting levels, lower quality cameras, aging progression, and even different skin tones. Then we verify that image against their live photo - which means we can onboard almost anyone, no matter their age, nationality or smartphone model.

Advanced spoof detection

Stay ahead of fraudsters with deep learning technology trained on one of largest datasets in existence. Our technology is built to detect pixel changes, deep fakes, masks, depth perception and more - all while learning in real-time.

Community fraud hub

A user's biometrics and identity document are automatically extracted, encrypted, and run against your own blacklist or a community database for anomalies or previous fraudulent onboarding attempts. Your customer’s identity document and live photo can also be used to train our deep learning algorithms

Our Technologies

Our complete suite of technologies allow you to securely onboard your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone.

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Our technologies

Data Verification

Extract and verify information from an identity document against local government & credit bureau databases - all in real-time. We connect to local databases so you can meet your compliance obligations with a single integration.

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Trust & Security

Trusted by governments and global businesses alike, OCR Labs is built from the ground-up with our own proprietary tech with security and user experience at the core of every design decision. Read more about how we keep your data secure.

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