Build trust and grow your community with a simple and secure identity verification solution

Onboard only genuine customers and merchants, with a single fully automated identity verification solution that keeps your community safe

Trusted the world over

Build trust in your community

Build trust in your community

Build trust and grow by verifying and onboarding genuine users

Verify merchants in your marketplace

Verify merchants in your marketplace

Remotely verify merchants in seconds with a single supplier

Accelerate customer onboarding

Accelerate customer onboarding

Ensure your community can start transacting right away

Building trust in your community

Trust is the new currency in the online world.

Protecting your community starts by verifying the identities of your users so they can trust and transact with each other. As well as complying with PSD2 and AML requirements, identity verification ensures that age-restricted products are only sold to customers above the age of 18.

Without trust, a community cannot grow. This poses a reputational risk, and users will begin to abandon your marketplace for another. From an operational perspective, onboarding fraudulent users could lead to higher customer acquisition costs, account opening & closing costs, merchant refunds, chargebacks and even fines for enabling the sale of age restricted goods to underaged customers.

OCR Labs helps you grow a genuine community by only onboarding trusted users. We do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your KYC and AML requirements, whatever your local regulations are. Our platform meets the most stringent privacy, security and integrity standards - including iBeta, TDIF, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 - as well as covering almost every identity document on the planet.

Verifying merchants using your marketplace

Verifying merchants is mission critical in a remote world

Protecting and reassuring your community starts by demonstrating that only verified merchants are onboarded to your marketplace. Marketplaces need to ensure that merchants aren’t selling age restricted goods, and prevent scammers from creating fake listings and reviews.

One disappointing purchase experience could be seen as bad luck. But, when it becomes a trend, your community will lose trust and leave. An inability to regulate merchants who sell fake or age restricted products also poses a risk to your marketplace, and could result in fines or not being allowed to operate in a particular jurisdiction.

OCR Labs helps you remotely onboard merchants in seconds with a single supplier, while keeping scammers from accessing your marketplace.

Accelerate your customer onboarding

The most successful marketplaces verify and onboard users by the thousands, instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Identity verification should grow your community, not restrict it. Marketplaces need to build trust by reducing friction for genuine users, without onboarding fraudsters. User verification needs to be instant, intuitive and available anywhere, on a smartphone.

Users will abandon the sign-up process if their onboarding experience is poor, maybe forever. A poor user onboarding experience is a waste of any marketing spend.

OCR Labs makes sure identity verification isn’t a barrier to new sign-ups, so your community can start transacting right away. We securely and seamlessly verify your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone.

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