Make insurance fraud a relic of the past with the future of identity verification

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Stop ghost brokers in their tracks

Stop ghost brokers in their tracks

Verify information from an identity document against multiple databases, so you can be sure that you are only onboarding genuine customers

Verify policy adjustments

Verify policy adjustments

Changing details to modify a low risk policy into a high risk one during the policy term effect risk exposure. Protect your customers and your own interests by continuously reauthenticating customers with just their face.

Improving user experience

Improving user experience

You need a licence to drive, so why not use the captured data to fulfill a policy. Make sure identity verification isn’t a barrier to new sign-ups, by seamlessly onboarding your users in seconds.

Turnaround high risk traffic

Turnaround high risk traffic

When all other measures have led to a dead end, identity verification can turn high risk traffic into revenue. With the ability to batch upload or send single transactions from a call centre you can turn a loss into a win.

Customer centric

We're here to help you thrive, through industry leading verification.

OCR Labs is focused on making identity proofing effortless through technology. We build intelligent tools that protect users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless user experience.

OCR Labs XInsurance

At OCR Labs we remove the stress of identity verification for the insurance industry.

Our technology seamlessly onboards new users to your site or app, and continuously reauthenticates loyal users quickly and securely.

Stop ghost brokers in their tracks

Automate your fraud prevention

As insurance moves online, the rewards outweigh the risks for ghost brokers.

Ghost brokers will buy legitimate policies using the false or stolen identities before selling them onto unsuspecting drivers who are looking for a good deal.

Drivers who buy policies from ghost brokers, often don’t realise it isn’t genuine until they need to make a claim. While the policy is invalidated, insurance companies are still liable to cover any third party costs associated with the claim. The operational overheads of investigating a false claim, closing the customer’s account, and loss of trust by the customer - all drive up the cost of doing business.

OCR Labs deep learning technology is built to detect tampered documents in real-time. We also extract and verify information from a driver’s identity document against multiple databases, so you can be sure that you are only onboarding genuine customers.

Verify actions on your platform

Step up securely with facial biometrics

Verification at sign-up isn’t enough anymore.

Insurance providers that fail to make the move to continuous verification will be left behind. Whether an existing customer is renewing their existing insurance policy, applying for an additional insurance product, or going through the claims process - insurance providers need to ensure they are who they say they are.

It’s a fine balance - providing a smooth user experience, while protecting customers and your own interests. Insufficient verification and monitoring processes could mean anything from account takeover, to payouts for fraudulent claims.

OCR Labs helps insurance providers protect their customers and their business by continuously reauthenticating them with just their face. Our remote automated verification solution is built into your existing purchase workflow.

Streamline user experience

Why not use document information for more than KYC

User experience is the currency of the future.

User verification needs to be instant, intuitive and available anywhere, on any device. Insurance providers need to reduce friction for genuine users, without onboarding fraudsters.

When the time cost for users to switch to a new insurance provider is so high, users will walk away from a poor user experience, maybe forever. A poor user verification experience is a waste of any marketing spend.

OCR Labs makes sure identity verification isn’t a barrier to new sign-ups, by securely and seamlessly onboarding your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone.

Industry Use Cases

Built to verify users in your Industry

From onboarding to reauthentication, businesses like yours can securely and remotely verify users in seconds with just their ID and their smartphone. Select your industry to learn more.

Financial Services

Simple and secure identity verification for any financial services business.

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Secure, instant and remote Verification of Identity (VOI) with the most widely accepted solution in Australia.

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Gambling / iGaming

Scale your user onboarding, without increasing the odds of onboarding fraudsters.

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Make insurance fraud a relic of the past with the future of identity verification.

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Marketplaces & Communities

Build trust and grow your community with a simple and secure identity verification solution.

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Increase customer satisfaction by removing friction at every step of their journey.

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