Simple and secure identity verification for any financial services business

Become global from day one with a single fully automated identity verification solution that verifies users in seconds.

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 Meet your regulatory requirements

Meet your regulatory requirements

Securely and accurately verify new users in line with your KYC and AML requirements.

Reduce user dropoff

Reduce user dropoff

Instantly verify new users from anywhere, and on any smartphone.

Automate your operational overheads

Automate your operational overheads

Scale with demand by removing the requirement for manual and in-person verification.

Meeting your regulatory requirements

The future of finance is online and global.

Financial services businesses need to be able to accurately identify and onboard genuine users in line with their local AML & KYC requirements.

The cost of onboarding fraudulent users is too high to ignore. Insufficient AML and KYC procedures could mean identity fraud losses, merchant refunds, chargebacks or fines. This will drive up your user acquisition and operational costs.

OCR Labs does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your KYC and AML requirements, whatever your local regulations are. Our platform meets the most stringent privacy, security and integrity standards - including TDIF, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 and iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant - as well as covering almost every identity document on the planet.

Reducing user dropoff

User experience is the currency of the future.

User verification needs to be instant, intuitive and available anywhere, on any smartphone. Financial services businesses need to reduce friction for genuine users, without onboarding fraudsters.

The time it takes to switch to a new financial service is high, and users will walk away from a poor verification experience, maybe forever. A poor onboarding experience is a waste of any marketing spend.

OCR Labs makes sure identity verification isn’t a barrier to new sign-ups, by securely and seamlessly onboarding your users in seconds with just their ID and a smartphone.

Automating operational overheads

Sign-up happens from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Users expect to sign-up and access a service instantly. Financial services businesses need to automate and scale their identity verification procedures by removing the requirement for manual and in-person verification.

Winning the future of finance means improving your internal processes, and reducing operational overheads like backlogs and remediations. Training your own manual verification and support teams all eat into your operating margins.

OCR Labs removes your operational overheads with a single remote fully automated identity verification solution, designed to be global from day one.

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