Make identity fraud impossible,
and customer onboarding effortless.

That’s both our vision and mission.

To do that we continue to build and develop our end-to-end ID verification technologies with an unerring focus.

Exactingly made. Precision engineered. Underpinned by cutting-edge research, innovation in machine-learning and rigorous testing against fraud.

Our Story

Frustrated by authentication solutions that didn’t do what they claimed, we set out to develop document-driven authentication, and later, biometric verification from scratch ourselves.

While other companies produced incomplete or imperfect IDV solutions, we spent 5 years engineering an end-to-end ID verification system. All our technology is completely developed and owned by us and underpinned by our DNA in innovative research and continual lab-based testing.


Today OCR Labs is viewed as the world leader in the digital ID verification space with patents across their various technology solutions, a history of beating larger, global competitors to numerous tenders and a 100% record of pushing proof of concepts into live integrations.

Our world-beating team comprises engineers, mathematicians and deep learning experts and a hugely experienced customer success, operations & management team with decades of global technology and business experience. We have offices in Australia, the UK, Turkey and more opening soon.

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