Our all-in-one digital
ID verification solution offers:

Frictionless customer

Unlike many systems, our digital ID verification is fast, intuitive, consistent and accurate. Don't leave your customers waiting.

Reduced fraud

Efficient and effective identity proofing your customers and reduce the risk of fraud.

Full regulatory

Support Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Complete data sovereignty
and security

Protect customer's sensitive data and mitigate

Fully accredited, unbeatable fraud detection

With a 100% success rate in tests

We are one of only 4 companies in the world with IBeta's Presentation Attack Detection level 1 & 2 accreditation. IBeta is the only trusted 3rd party tester in the industry. As part of their testing, our product detected all cases of fraud and approved all genuine requests.

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OCR Labs -- leading the way in digital identity verification

Deep learning technology that's trained to be the best

We've invested decades into research and development and millions of dollars of investment to perfect our core technologies and train our advanced algorithms. Trained with deep learning, our 4th-gen non-intrusive liveness video streaming technology sets the industry benchmark.

Proprietary tech that can change with your needs

We engineered and own ALL the technology. So when customers' or market needs change, so can our product. Our fully proprietary technology means we're in control of product priorities and roadmaps.

True client partners who offer tailored delivery

Our dedicated project & design arm will move fast to deliver bespoke integrations and seamless deployments.

Features you won't find anywhere else

Real-time decisions with no human intervention

Deep learning-driven ID decisions eliminate human error and review. They're repeatable and can be improved through training.

Completion-driven frictionless process

Our system is built for success. We want genuine customers to successfully complete ID verification, which means more customers and less admin for you.

A digital-first, omni-channel experience

Our platform was designed for digital from the start. It's uniquely suited to customers using it online, in-store and call centres.

Total data security focus

We employ end to end encryption, flexible and secure hosting options & policies that exceed ISM standard compliance.

A solution to fit every type of organisation

We have products that are suited to all types of industries and organisation sizes. From SME-focused tools right through to customised enterprise-level integrations, to fit complex regulatory frameworks.

Easy-to-use, quick to respond

Our products are simple and intuitive to use -- to help your customers get verified in the blink of an eye.

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Trusted by corporates in regulated industries & governments alike.

Our impact is directly measurable for our customers. Ask us about:

Our global top tier bank client who reduced fraud by 95%

Our global top tier telco client who increased sales by 10%

How we went live with a global bank in weeks

The real-life fraud attempts detected by our products

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The OCR story


In 2018, after 5 years in R&D, Matt and Daniel launched their enterprise product in Australia and New Zealand, built from the ground-up using proprietary technology. This was critical -- by owning the technology OCR Labs has been able to work faster to test, launch and iterate their biometric solution -- with extensive feedback from customers across government, banking, and telecommunications.

Today OCR Labs is viewed as the world leader in the digital ID verification space with patents across their various technology solutions, a history of beating larger, global competitors to numerous tenders and a 100% record of pushing proof of concepts into live integrations.

Our world-beating team comprises engineers, mathematicians and deep learning experts and a hugely experienced customer success, operations & management team with decades of global technology and business experience. With offices now in Australia, the United Kingdom and more opening soon.

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